Lightweight Pullover, Socks, Stash Busting

Lightweight Pullover, Socks, Stash Busting

The weather has turned. Easter was full of sun and gentle breezes all week. Now, it’s all blustery and chilly out. Challenge accepted! I actually love infrequent, transitional weather. It perpetuates my belief that I need at least one of *every* knitted wardrobe staple, and accessories. For now, I’m still on the basics, but I’m in love; my first cowl neck sweater!

This is Hannah Fetting’s Lightweight Pullover. Isn’t this in every knitter’s queue? The yarn is Mimi in their discontinued mink Lotus lace weight. I bought the tobacco colorway about five years ago with the hopes of making the delicate Juliet cardigan. About a year later I impulsively bought the Kiwi and Teal colorways for fingerless gloves (which still might happen depending on what’s leftover). I have mixed feelings about not being any closer to a lovely lace Juliet cardigan, but I am thrilled to be making a desperately needed spring staple.

I’ve also cast on for socks. Another original design and my first time doing top down socks since I first learned to knit! I’m very pleased with how the first sock has turned out and I’m itching to cast on another pair as soon as these are done. “Socks are also a wardrobe staple” is the mantra for all those W.I.Ps.

Both of these projects are entirely stash busting. It feels a little amazing to have enough yarn hidden away for a sweater and socks…working at a yarn store has long reaching consequences. I’m pretty positive this sock yarn and Mimi tobacco need to be together forever. Mayhaps fingerless gloves? Or a headband?

I bought this sock yarn before I even worked at the yarn shop. Pagewood Farms Chugiak (Teal). I believe it was one of my first purchases after I became a regular at the shop. I even remember where it’s home was in the shop, discreetly tucked away by an anonymous college student. I love the high twist to the ply of the yarn and the super saturated, hand painted colors.

I’m pausing on my sweater for the week with the hopes of getting these socks cast off, I’m not sure if I’ll finish in time to wear my snazzy pullover in 50 degree weather, but at least my feet will be warm!
I can’t wait to share another design with you soon!

Knit on ❤

Socky Comfort

Life is good tonight. I’m sitting here with a plate of leftover snacks from another successful knitting ministry meeting. Tonight’s focus was community building and fellowship. Less of a Bible study lesson than I would like, but there was much laughter and getting to know one another, which is incredibly important when forming a small group. Sharing the Gospel doesn’t do much good when people feel too awkward to speak or share personal stories. Interpersonal relationships among believers build bridges to a relationship to God; I’m slowly but surely learning this.

Another happy knitting ministry meeting 🙂 #knittersofinstagram #youthministry

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In my attempts to build comfort and community in my small living room apartment, I try and make everyone feel like they’re at home. I made an Italian sausage and potato soup for everyone to have and eat out of tea cups (because I don’t own that many bowls) and I encourage my friends to bring snacks.

Soup in a teacup before bed, because I am a lady after all

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I put out a platter of tea options and knitting magazines and everyone crowds around my tiny little coffee table to learn to knit. It’s the bee’s knees. Tonight, I also opened up my knitting trunk and someone pulled out my recently finished entrelac socks!


I’ll go ahead and offer up a disclaimer right now that this sock pattern had no mistakes and was very clearly written. When I knit them I was just drunk demented distracted a lot and really struggled to get these done. I started them all the way back in December. I used Rowan Fine Art and Dream in Color Jilly Lace. I got a few repeats beyond the heel on the right sock before…I honestly don’t know. I’m not really sure why I put these down. I don’t recall making anything instead of them. I just stopped.


I picked them back up in the beginning of October (do they count for Socktober?!?!?) and instead of finishing the right sock, decided to cast on and do the left one. All fine and good, until I went to the right one, got half way done, then discovered a gaping hole in the toe and my attention was drawn to how ugly the work I’d done back in December seemed. Yeah, that’s right, I called my work ugly. The truth hurts. The heel was an atrocity and the hole in the toe was so large, it didn’t even merit being duplicate stitched closed. Maybe languishing in a project bag at the bottom of my basket for ten months made the little sock disheveled, maybe it was jacked up when I knit it. Either way, after glaring at it for thirty minutes I decided it had to be frogged.


Then I made the toe longer than the toe on the left sock….I can’t even. I really don’t know how I managed that. They both fit very well, but one toe has about an extra inch on it before starting the entrelac. As a result, the right sock only has four contrast color repeats instead of five. But listen, baby, whose ever going to see these toes/be mean enough the point out the disparity? I knit on and finished these up last week.

I went tassel free because, like most people on Ravelry who’ve made these socks, I can’t imagine them being at all practical. I work with small children and I have a cat, no tassels needed. As one of my fellow knitters said ” it’s a bit much of much”. Even without the adorable tassels, these socks are much loved and shall be worn constantly. Uneven toes and all.

Uneven toes and such #ohwell #knitting #knittersofinstagram

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NaBloPoMo November 2015

NaKniSweMo is still going strong. So far I’ve knit about five inches and am ready to start the waist decrease and increases. I’m completely in love with this sweater and the yarn is delicious. It’s a dream to work with. Its hard to capture in photos, but the blue has flecks of yellow in it that just tickle me pink. I already love the folded in hem. Right now, this sweater seems very mint-chocolate to me. Mouth watering- and I don’t even like that flavor.

How goes your NaKniSweMo sweater? What was the last project you made crazy mistakes on?