Spring is here. The warm air stirs everything up into a frenzy and suddenly the honeysuckles are about to grow into your window! Everything is covered in ivy; all the flora are racing to multiply, all the fauna straining to grow higher faster. Spring speeds everything up.

I’ve been taking my sweet time knitting this Fauna cowl up. I started at the end of February and carried this half complete cowl around with me for weeks without touching it. I savoured my time knitting it, the same way the daffodils often emerge right before a snowstorm. I wanted to delay finishing this cowl until I was sure spring was here. Fauna is a springtime infinity cowl with a unique seaming method.

The Knit

I cast on for Fauna with the hopes of coming up with a transitional staple. I needed something that could be worn a variety of ways for the fluctuating weather, it had to be breathable and lightweight, but sufficiently warm for cold mornings or restaurants. The vibrant colors shouted for a fun design so I threw in some chevron stripes and accidently created a seaming nightmare for myself. I’d neglected to do a provisional cast on, so now I needed to seam live mohair stitches to a bound off edge…? Nope. I cast off and blocked the piece while thinking over seaming. First, I realized it was huge, 34″ * 18″ (post blocking)! Secondly, I didn’t want to seam the edges together traditionally and lose any length or width. In fact, if I only seamed the tips together, then the open space between chevron peaks would give you even more length and look pretty cute…hm.


US 7 straight needles

2 skeins Shibui Silk Cloud (330yds lace weight mohair) *note: my cat assaulted my yarn stash and about 50 or so yards of this was lost. If you use two entire skeins of Shibui Pebble, your cowl will be about 4in longer!*

MC/green: Lime 2024

CC/white Ivory 2004

Blocking supplies: mat, pins

darning needle

spray bottle for keeping your cat away wet blocking

optional: 10 stitch markers


The Pattern

With MC, cast on  145 sts

Purl 1 row

Row 1: Sl1, m1, *Knit 10, s2k1p2o, Knit 10, yok1yo* dec 1, k1

Row 2: Sl1 purlwise, purl cross, knitting ttbl of all yos.

Repeat these two rows until stripe measures about 2.5 inches (12-14rows)

Change colors on a purl row

Continue in this manner, leaving enough yarn to bind off loosely. The sample has 12 stripes in it, with two full skeins I believe you could have two or three more stripes.

Bind off loosely. Weave in all ends. Pin and gently flat block piece, being sure to make points sharp. 

Now, for the fun part:


Being ever so dainty with your ever so feltable mohair, line up the tips of your cowl


Make sure the cowl isn’t twisted! And make sure you’re evenly aligned! OK, moving on.


Do a basic knot, when you tighten it, be sure to pull from the bottom of the knot to save on fabric. Remember, you want to be able to unknot these later if needed.

Enjoy the snazzy seam! Or discreetly tuck it away! Either way, save yourself the headache of a kitchner seam on mohair.

I really hope you enjoy this pattern! I highly recommend using Shibui Silk Cloud for this project! So soft and warm, perfect for Spring. Please let me know what you think of my design in the comments below! Do you knit transitional pieces for spring or dive straight into summer knitting? How do you feel about mohair as a spring fiber?

Knit on ❤