Knitting Pays the Bills

Part 3 of From the Other Side: Knitting in the Mission Field to come soon!

Before I moved to KC, I decided that I had to continue working at a yarn shop in some capacity. I loved the work too much not to seek it out. I called around to several of the yarn shops and offered my services for knitting commissions. Too busy to knit up a shop sample for the next season? I’m your girl.

I’m currently working for one shop and I hope to be able to work for another nearby one as well. I’ve already completed one commission that I neglected to photo, and this weekend I picked up more work.
The blue one is a little baby sweater that needs to be seamed up. Simple enough, the grey one however…is a bit of a doosey. Rocky Road, a worsted weight, winter coat. A customer had an accident and hurt her shoulder, but still wants the coat finished, despite warming weather.

 I’ve got about a thousand yards of grey wool to knit through. I’m pretty grateful that I’ve been given 8-10 weeks to get it done though. This week, I’m going to focus all my energy on finishing my Waterlily this week and seaming up the baby sweater. Then I’ll dive into this sweater.

15″ down, time to divide for the yoke!

I don’t want this coat hanging over my head for too long so I want to devote a lot of energy to it, but I can’t stand the idea of not knitting on something for me for 8 weeks. That’s summer knitting time! I’ve decided to knock out a few pairs of socks on the side and hopefully cast on for another summer top while working on this. I haven’t picked a top yet, but I know I’ll be making myself a pair of Skew socks with this fun Blue Ridge Yarn

I feel so grateful to be able to knit for a side income. Not only does it loosen up our post-move budget, but it serves as a great way to stay close in the loop of all the knitting goings on in some sort of professional capacity. Once a yarn shop girl, always a yarn shop girl. I’m going to savor this next week of personal knitting before I dive into this commission. However, despite the 1000yds of grey, I’m feeling pretty great about saying knitting is my job. 

how luna feels about my artistic photos.