Guilds, Waterlilies, and Endless Sweaters

While I work on part 2 of “From the Other Side: Knitting in the Mission Field” I decided to throw out a little update on my other knitting pretties.

I’ve discovered the knitting community in Kansas City, it is prosperous and delightful. Specifically, I’ve tapped into the local knitting guild, Sunflower Knitting Guild. There were many crafty guilds back in Arkansas, but they often met at times when I I had to work or they were located in other county’s. If there was any sort of knitting guild in Fayetteville, I feel like it was my LYS . All of the crafters from the Farmers’ Market and the local knitters would meet there. It was (is) an amazing community and I was very eager to find a new one here in KC.

Queue a few google searches and a phone call and I was invited to a knit night at Hy-Vee!

Side note: Guys, have you heard of Hy-vee? Grocery shopping AND a restaurant upstairs? Are you kidding me? What is this magic…

When I walked in, I had a pretty wonderful pang of nostalgia from my Thursday night knit nights. A huge crowd of knitters of all ages crowded around tables, glasses of wine, loud laughing, and an overflow of hand knits. I ended up meeting quiet a few members of the Sunflower Guild including the president, vice president and editor! Everyone was so nice and they invited me to their monthly meeting on Monday. It was epic. Guys, they just take over the bottom level of a restaurant. My whole heart, they have it. It was exciting to see a guild meeting. There was a quick discussion of finances and updates so that we could get to the meat of the meeting, Show and Tell. Everyone had the opportunity to have center stage and show off recent knits, share patterns, and applaud wonderful work. When the mic came to me I tried to pass, but they insisted I talked about  my Leaf and Trellis shawl. They applauded me, I nearly died of giddiness. I’m very excited to attend the next Knit Night!

In the mean time, I’ve cast on for Waterlily as my first spring knit! After being bogged down with wedding and Christmas knits all of last year, it felt so so good to cast on for a seasonal knit! I’m using Ella Rae Lace Merino and I’m in love with this delicious raspberry colorway with flecks of white. Makes me crave a plethora of raspberry desserts…

And in the corner….crying out to be finished…is my NaKniSweMo. *Sigh*, maybe this year I’ll actually finish NaKniSweMo IN November. To be fair,though, I also knit ten Christmas presents and had them all under the tree on time. I secretly knew there was no way I would finish. I’m inches away from being done with the collar of this baby, though, due to an error in the pattern, I’m going to have to rip back about five inches first. It’s only about 40 stitches at this point though, so not a huge blow.

Then I have to steak (not talking about it) and weave in all the ends, and block, and sew in a zipper….as I said, endless sweater. I keep it sitting out in the living room, much to Jon’s chagrin, so hopefully it won’t disappear down the void of WIP’s. But honestly, wouldn’t it be a bit of naughty fun to whip this out in October, finish in a week, and flaunt it? I’m thinking yes….

Spring is exploding here and our apartment is finally starting to feel like home. I have the itch to start painting walls and find new picture frames. But for now, in my down time, I mostly just want to swing on our balcony and watch the trees bloom.