Miller’s Daughter

Well, we are well into the New Year and life is already (or rather still is) pretty chaotic. We’ve jumped head first into moving to Kansas City for Jon’s new job and he’s been commuting back and forth for the past few weeks! In the meantime, I’ve been boxing up our life and saying goodbye to friends. Since Christmas, life has been non stop. I did manage to finish all of my Christmas gifts, but I still have a few commissions on the table before I can settle back into personal knitting.

This one time I made everyone Christmas gifts

I say that as if I haven’t been doing personal knitting. Of course I have. My Oranje sweater is slowly ticking along and, if you follow my Instagram, you’ve seen that I’ve been pretty devotedly knitting on Melanie Berg’s Miller’s Daughter shawl. Well, obsessed would be a better word. I finished it in about a week of feverish knitting.

I bought the yarn right before leaving to Florida for a work conference with Jon. I was bound to have tons of free time and I just had to bring it with me. I carried it around with me all the time and had a #knittinginpublic frenzy. 

Goodbye #beachside !!! Thank you for the awesome sunny day

The Knit:

Have you guys noticed the garter stripes and lace fad? Its hot stuff right now and everyone at my LYS has jumped on board. Everyone’s been bringing in Lilli Pillis, and Quicksilvers and I had to get in on it. I actually cast on for a Lilli Pilli a while back but fell out of love with in pretty quickly. Then I set eyes on Dream in Color Smooshy and new I needed a shawl out of it. I ultimately  picked the Miller’s Daughter because of the crescent shape; it seemed like a more diverse wear.

The Yarn

In love with dream in color smooshy. I smell a shawl...#knittingaddict #knittersofinstagram #knitting_inspiration

Dream in Color  is, hands down, one of the finest yarns I’ve ever knit with. We’ve got it coming out our ears at our LYS (Worsted weight Classy with Casshmere, lace weight Jilly, fingering weight Jilly, and fingering weight Smooshy). While the others are great, my Entrelac Socks  are out of Jilly, the Smooshy Cashmere takes the cake. The blend of cashmere, merino, and nylon gives the yarn an amazing luster and squish (or should I say smoosh?) that the others just don’t have. The colors are to die for. I used Crying Dove and Lucky Stone for my stripe and the glorious Mermaid Shoes for my lace. Lucky Stone was actually discontinued right after I bought it, so I feel pretty lucky. The blue is a mystery yarn, but I’m pretty sure it’s  Nuble

My only complaint? With only 400yds to work with at $30 a skein, most people who aren’t completely insane care about their budgets probably wouldn’t buy large quantities of this. I would have needed 6 skeins of this to knit the shawl for full size, and, even for me, that’s a little much for a shawl. It called for an edit to the pattern

The Pattern

This pattern calls for 1,273 yards of lace weight in two main colors with a few stripes of scrap yarn for contrast. I fell in love with my three color combination of Dream in Color fingering though, so those instructions were pretty much out the window. Instead, I knit this on a US6 and pulled in a third color for my lace section. With only 1,200 yards to work with, I wasn’t going to be able to do all of lace and stripe repeats. The pattern calls for a total of ten repeat sections:

4 repeats of stripes, 2 lace, 6 stripes, 2 lace, 6 stripes, 2 lace, 6 stripes, 2 lace, 6 stripes, 4 lace

Working on a larger needle and yarn, it wouldn’t be hard to get my shawl to the same length with less yarn, but I would have had significantly less lace sections. So, with a little math I figured that this would be the best variation of the pattern:

4 repeats of stripes, 2 lace, 6 stripes, 2.5 lace, 6 stripes, 3 lace

My shawl is the same length as the original and I didn’t have to shirk on my lace.
This is easily a new favorite, I’ve been wearing it every day since all my other knits are packed away. It is such a comfort to have during all this transition. We’re officially moved out of our old apartment and while Jon works up in Kansas I’m shacked up with his parents. The countdown to move has gotten very real and the stress levels are on high. Most of my yarn is in Kansas City, but I’ve been carrying around a few skeins, Dream in Color no less, for happy feelings. I’ve never been a “enjoy the journey” type of person,  but the yarn helps. Yarn always helps!