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I’m amazed by what coffee can do. Yesterday night, I ended my blog post rather discouraged and feeling very behind on my knitting goals. I was hoping that with a shower and cup of coffee I could get a bit more knit. Sure enough, I knit five inches on my Fern Lace arm warmers and finished the arms. I’m ready to start the gusset tomorrow and possibly finish them by tomorrow evening. I’m honestly shocked. I didn’t even stay up late.

Wine and knitting #wineandknitting #thegoodlife

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I didn’t finish the second ball of yarn of the Forever Ribbed scarf, but I’m hoping that with another hour or so of knitting on it tonight and tomorrow morning during a staff meeting (yes, I’m that girl in meetings) I can knock it out and charge through the arm warmers.

My NaKniSweMo is officially on hold until Friday evening. Three projects on the needles is one too many and since the scarf was promised to be finished by Saturday, I have to focus on that. I’m honestly enjoying the break though. I look forward to starting the sleeves; distance (and stitch holders) make the heart grow fonder.