Endless Stockinette

I’m in an endless black hole of stockinette stitch. Every project I have right now is just miles and miles of it. Heck, the Sockhead hat pattern even gives a “fair warning: there is miles of stockinette stitch, so this makes for great TV, travel or zen knitting.” It’s pretty bad when you’re options are endless stockinette on teeny tiny needles or endless stockinette on slightly larger needles.

Speaking of teeny tiny, I finally finished the four miles inches of ribbing on my Sockhead. I was constantly lamenting how long it was taking and when I finally reached the stockinette section I noticed the stitches seemed a little too small for a size US2 needle…sure enough I knit the entire brim on a US1 and was close to knitting the entire body like that. No wonder it’s taking me so long. The pattern calls for a US2.5. I switching this hat onto a US2 pronto (where the heck am I supposed to get a 2.5?) . For the next two hats, I’ll most likely knit the brim with a US2 and the body on a US3. Make life easier, why don’t I?


To be fair, this is a picture of a ton of ribbing and not stockinette. But my complaints and whining still stand.

My hope of finishing the hat this weekend has peaked. It may be naive, but realizing I can go up a needle size has brightened my world. Being on such a tight knitting schedule is pretty stressful, but I’m doing my best not to let it get to me. Knowing that I can instantly gain an extra 1-2 hours of holiday knitting a day just by putting away my NaKniSweMo is encouraging. But I’m stubborn, so I won’t do that until the last minute.

NaBloPoMo November 2015

The Oranje sweater grows steadily everyday. Being on US6 needles with sport weight yarn is a pretty big help. I actually don’t mind the endless stockinette in this because I’m still totally in love with this yarn. It’s a very daydreamy color and I find it very soothing to just stare at it while I work. Better than TV. I’m halfheartedly hoping to have the next five or six inches of the body done by this weekend so I can cast on the sleeves. I feel like it’s a bit of an unrealistic endeavor, but a gal can dream.

Looks like chocolate mint #nakniswemo2015 #knittersofinstagram #knitting #sweaterweather #sweaterknittingtime

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Is anyone out there doing a NaKniSweMo that’s NOT miles of stockinette? Tell me about it below!


One thought on “Endless Stockinette

  1. Can’t say I’m not doing miles of stockinette, because that’s all I’m doing right now too! But I’m liking it for now, because almost all projects I did lately had no stockinette at all. And yes it definitely helps if you love the yarn!

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