Wednesday WIPS- Woven Together


The past few weeks I’ve been knitting away at these Entrelac knee high socks knit out of Rowan Fine Art and Dream in Color lace. As the weather has cooled, I’ve gotten a bit of fall fever and am lusting after all the sock yarn. I love Entrelac. I love how it looks like sections of fabric woven together in a basket weave like pattern to make a colorful and textured finished project. In reality, there are hundreds of stitches that have been meticulously knitted together to form a much bigger picture of unity.


This past month has been full of unity. In a few days Jon and I will have been married for two months!

Since the big day, we’ve moved in together, manged to completely unpack and decorate our new place, I’ve gotten a job at my church, and successfully pulled off a birthday celebration (there were tears involved, it was a kinda big deal). Since wedding chaos is finally done with, I’ve had a lot more time to get my knit on, just in time for sweater season! Jon even got a Forever Ribbed Rimu DKย  scarf for his birthday.


I only used three skeins of Rumi DK New Zealand possum yarn with US7 needles. The scarf really bloomed and formed an amazingly soft halo about it after I washed and blocked it. I put it in a lingerie bag and threw it in a cold wash with a couple of jeans then blocked to dry.


Married life has been an adventure. All anxieties of bugging each other to death melted away after I realized that we’d be spending most of our time apart at work.Oddly, I’m finding more time to spend with friends and Jon and I count on dinners, evening Scrabble, and Sundays to really connect. And here I was afraid we’d want to run away from each other after a week of living together. Instead, finding unity takes effort, despite living under the same roof.

During our ceremony, we braided a cord of three strands, each cord represented Jon, God, and me, with God being the silver cord braided into the middle. I think it takes a lot of effort to put God in the middle of everything. Your personal life, your marriage, your knitting :). I’m hoping to find some more clarity on exactly how to do that, but I have a feeling that it’s a meticulous detailed process that takes much prayer and thought.

I’ve started a knitting ministry at my apartment. A come for the knitting, stay for God sort of thing. We had eight people show up and three of them are new knitters. The knitting fever spreads and I can’t wait to introduce these ladies to the wonders of merino and silk yarns. Despite competing with the holidays and finals, I feel that this is the perfect season to try and form a new community. Cold weather calls for knitting and tea! I hope that despite all the running around, these ladies find some delightful community in my tiny living room. I look forward to the upcoming weeks!