A Year in Flux

So much happens in a year. It’s strange looking back at where I was this time last year, right after July 4th, and where I am now. 

I was baptized

I’ve graduated 

I met The Yarn Harlot 

A dreamy eyed farmer proposed to me with a ring tied to yarn (and I said yes!) 


  I now have a full time job and am less then 60 days away from my wedding. I’ve spent the year learning all sorts of new things about myself and the world of yarn. 
I have a new friend, best friend if you will, a Kromski Sonata spinning wheel. It was a graduation gift and since December I’ve been spinning like a mad woman.  


   I’m even participating in the Tour de Fleece spinning 8oz of lace weight yak/silk (50/50)
This year has been a year of adjustment and fluxuation. I never imagined that at 21 I’d be planning a wedding or participating in a spinning tournament- let alone both!

I’ve been learning to go with the flow more than ever before. In the past year, not much knitting has happened, well not much diverse knitting. I’m knitting my veil, a time consuming and absorbing endevour. To replace all my past knitting time, I now spin in the spare moments I can find between my 8-5 and wedding planning. My yarn stash rests quietly in a trunk by my bed. 
I’ve discovered so much more that I love and that I want to fit in my life. I have also never been more pressed for time. God, a man, cooking, spinning, working, more friends. Where do they all go? How do I pursue each one and fulfill them? With the end of wedding pressure on the horizon (53 days!) I feel the need to start figuring out where all these new loves belong. I hope to start knitting again regularly on anything and everything that isn’t a 90ft veil and to spin even more. I don’t think that my desire to expand just as I’m about to take on so much is happenstance. I see it as a challenge of growth! 
Flux is a beautiful thing; I’ll keep daydreaming.