May has always been the start of the new year for me. Everyone I know makes New Year’s Resolutions and plans their life changes around the turn of that clock, but for me, newly blooming flowers has been my time to plan all of that. Why make resolutions in the middle of the cold weather? Everything is frozen over and sleeping,the weather sucks, traffic becomes actually impossible (as opposed to the usual exaggerations we often make about traffic), and we’re still sleeping off the turkey. Making a change in the middle of hard weather with more hard weather still to come, or when it’s about to be warm and cozy? Now, we could talk about the personality implications of that..or Mother’s Day.IMG_1324

Along with us, countries all over the world celebrate a formal holiday for honoring mothers. They celebrate new flowers and blossoming seeds and they celebrate their mothers. Here in the West, especially, Mother’s Day is in that cluster of annual life events celebrating transition and change: Prom, High School graduation, dissertations due, time to go to graduate school. And smack dab in the middle is Mother’s Day.

The weather is changing, life is changing; remember mom. In the midst of all this change, a reminder that your original best friend is there for you. Now, I’m not trying to say dad’s cant be best friends, they have a whole day for it, but I’m just saying the one who carried you around for 9 months is special.

What do we do during our times of change while also trying to tell mom ‘I love you’?


I like to use my hands.

About the Ursa:

I finally finished this thing up a few months ago. I gave it to mom around Spring Break while we were at my brother’s house. For Mother’s Day I sent her Sherris Berries.



I used Ella Rae Lace Merino, of course:

Blue, Green, and Orange: color ways 10,9,131


Amazing how these things knit up.

This is another Grace Ann Farrow and it is much more straightforward than the Horizon. Knit up on a U.S 5 and about 2,700yds of fingering weight, you’re in for the long haul. The center diamond goes by really quickly but after that it drags on.  The shawl is knit from the center diamond with triangles picked up along the edges and added on. Be mindful of the slip stitches at the edges of each piece so that you don’t having curling or too much tension on the edge.


A very easy and rewarding knit that always turns out beautifully! And you can where it so many ways!


This is my favorite way.

For Mother’s Day I wasn’t able to be with my mother, but we chatted on the phone fore a while and she tells me she really liked the berries. I’m so glad that its finally May and finally time for all the energy that can come with beautiful weather and free time. Im hoping to really get knee deep into knitting and expanding the hobby to different mediums. Hopefully there will be many posts on the endeavor. Until then, happy Friday!