“Welcome Spring” Leaf and Trellis Shawl!

Did you ladies know I lived in a dorm? Did you know that it makes taking photos of my work REALLY hard? Well…it is.

Most days I’m really ambitious about it. I take a lot of time to set up and get everything perfectly placed then I wait until there is the perfect amount of light coming in the room. However, when shooting something huge like the Leaf and Trellis I find that my space significantly shrinks down. I’m not really a fan of letting all details of my life be seen via photo, which is nearly impossible when you live in a dorm and all your stuff is on shelves and hung up for space. That means I have three to four spots where I can take photos. Have to stand? Two. Giant shawl? One. It was…interesting.

IMG_1282Despite the difficulties taking photos, I hands down love this shawl. Wearing it as I type. Pretty sure I’m never taking it off.


I knit this on US 8s. My yarn was Ella Rae Lace Merino 103 Blue-Green for the body and Ella Rae Lace Merino 23 Green for the edging. As usual, this yarn is fabulous. I use it in a lot of my projects and am constantly ogling the tower in the shop. Yes, we have a tower of only Ella Rae Lace Merino.

Warning! If you’re interested in knitting with this green beware of the color. Under florescent light it looks like a very ashy light sage green, almost washed out. Under natural light it becomes a really rich sage and the color is a lot more complimentary to the subtle greens in the body of the shawl. This was a good lesson in looking at yarns under natural light closely. For two weeks I was really insecure about choosing this yarn for the border. Over the holidays I exclusively worked on this inside under kitchen lights. I had it resting on the window edge one morning and the natural light caught it. Instantly in love.


The pattern:

This was a very easy pattern. Not confusing at all and well written. The body went by without a problem and very quickly. The border is just as easy but takes a while. It turns into a miniature black hole. I kind of winged it while I was going around the corners and I suggest that instead of perfectly following the directions for that, you do the same. I put a lot less triple and double joins around the corner than was called for. When I did follow them exactly, the corner looked very crowded and bunched up. Space it out so your lace can really bloom.

IMG_1309I love this beauty so much. I’m really glad I knit it in fingering weight on larger needles. From other projects on Ravelry, this looks so delicate and fragile in lace. Thats great if you want that look, but to me this is a lot more versatile. I can dress it up or down, which I think is harder to do with lace weights. The fingering weight gives this shawl such squishy, cushy goodness! I love being bundled up in it, you can’t really bundle in lace weight. To each their own!

I couldn’t help but take some fun black and white shots with this; you can really tell how variegated the yarn is!

Photo on 1-19-14 at 10.09 PM #3

All in all this is an A+ pattern. I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m naming this one “Welcome Spring” because the colors are so…spring time! When the grass just starts to come back and it’s that shy green color, still pale because of short days and frost in the morning. Bright blue but not yet azure sky. I think it’d be amazing if I had one of these for each season. Bright yellow and dark blue for summer, orange and red for fall, deep purple and gray for winter. Mh, mh, mmm! Might be something for the bucket list 😉

One of my resolutions for this year is to keep projects on needles to a minimum. Right now it’s a little crazy. I have a lot going on. I still have to finish my mom’s Ursa (would have had it done by X-mas if I didn’t have to rip out) and I have a winter sweater to finish. Phew. Thats not even half of it. Not sure what’s next on the list, but today I’m enjoying Welcome Spring.

Happy Knitting!