F.O Friday: Wasabi Cowl and Freeform Arm Warmers

 kickie n. A Theo original word, combination of quickie and knit. A knit project that can be completed in less than a day usually with the use of broom handle sized needles and super extra bulky yarn. Provides instant satisfaction to any knitter, especially when they are discouraged with seemingly never ending  black hole projects.

Ex. That kickie was amazeballs! I used Swagger on size US18! I needed a smoke afterwards! Wanna try on my cowl?

Wasabi Cowl


Sometimes you just need a kickie. Especially after knitting nearly 2,000 yards of laceweight linen. Thats exactly what happened to me when faced with the prospect of a new project post Darling Emma. I was overcome with the feeling that I lacked the ability to knit anything in under two months. Insert my beloved Cassy Dominick’s Wasabi cowl.

I have the pleasure of being friends with the awesome blogger Cassy, and her adorable Ms.Z, and getting to see first hand her awesome designs! About a year ago when she came to knit night wearing her Wasabi cowl I fell in love. I have no idea why it’s taken me this long to finally get around to making this beauty.


I currently don’t have anything small and simple on the needles, nor do I have any yarn in my stash that isn’t already assigned to a (large) project. After Darling Emma, I found myself sitting in my room, not knitting and feeling pretty burnt out. I needed something fast, mindless, and cute.


One trip to my LYS and 2 hours later I had exactly what I wanted. I really think there’s something to this kickie thing; it allowed me to mentally reset and prepare myself for another long haul knit while simultaneously gaining another desperately needed winter accessory.

I used Colinette- Point 5 super bulky yarn color way Jay. No mods to this pattern, followed it exactly then threw on a big ole’ yellow button and bam! A new thing. I suppose the only thing I did differently was where I put the button. Though it looks pretty cute, I couldn’t get behind where Cassy originally placed hers. I like the pointed bandana look, the snugness of the cowl on my neck, and not having a cold button rub against my chin. The big yellow button goes in back.


Freeform Arm Warmers


I finished these lovelies a while ago but have yet to get around to taking a photo. These are my first ever attempt at freeform knitting. I glanced over a few basic arm warmer patterns then went at it.


All I can really say is that I used a US3 and cast on about 50ish sts with Mini Mochi color way 122 Jenny Lake. These babies aren’t the same length, there are randomly placed increases and decreases, and I may or may not have been drunk when creating my thumb. Don’t ask. Don’t tell.


I love them anyways and despite my poor consistency, they stay up on my arms and serve their purpose of keeping me warm and being beautiful. In my world they’re perfect.


In other news I’ll be casting on for Opera tonight  in celebration of the first day of NanNiSweMo. I am dedicated to knitting a little bit of it each day so that I have a yummy new sweater before the end of the month, maybe before Thanksgiving break even! I don’t have a daily quota except to knit on it a little bit every day. If you haven’t joined the NaKniSweMo KAL on Ravelry, you should absolutely consider it. It’s sure to be a fun time and there are prizes! Who doesn’t like prizes?

Have a great weekend! Happy Knitting! 🙂

P.S. Huge thank you to my dorm mate Colleen for letting me interrupt her piano practice so I could snap these shots of her. You rock!

P.P.S: Haven’t heard of Cassy? Check out her amazing blog!!