WIP Monday- Pont Neuf!

Sometimes we all need a little opulence, a little oh la la, a little…silk.IMG_0995

I present to you, Pont Neuf by Emily Wessel. A seamless knit, raglan sleeve cardigan with a picked up lace panel front. My yarn of choice? KFI Luxury 100% Mulberry silk *shudder*. It’s like knitting…well it’s like knitting silk. Fabulous. This project has been going on for months, not because it’s hard, but because each skein retails at about $30 a skein. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, it is silk after all, I just have to space out my buys. I’m three skeins in with one more to go and so far I have no regrets! I can’t wait to start the lace panel!


So far the pattern is pretty generic and easy to follow. I don’t think I’ll be able to judge it until I reach the chart work for the lace. I envy those who are able to buy all their project yarn at once. I could have had this done weeks ago; I finished the yoke in one night! DK yarn on US5 needles really makes you feel like you’re making progress.


I’m having a bit of a hard time capturing the true color way of this yarn. It’s full of pearly grays and pinks. I’m hoping when completed and posed the colors will be easier to catch on film.

There hasn’t been much going on in my world except for studying for midterms and mentally prepping myself for intense holiday traveling. My knitting hasn’t suffered, but staying organized is becoming a challenge. I think I deserve a new planner? Yes, any excuse to buy something pretty will do. I have no shame. NO SHAME.

How are you getting ready for the holidays? Let me know in the comments! Happy knitting 🙂

P.S: To my fellow students, stay strong! We shall overcome!