Wednesday Observations: Little Gifts

My knitting is stagnant. This is not a good sign for the End Times (week before Christmas) but I won’t give up. In the mean time, it’s that time of the year for gift giving and trying to bring smiles to people. I’ve joined several Ravelry groups for the holidays.

The first is the Random Acts of Kindness group where you randomly pick someone and choose an item from their wish list to send them. It can be anonymous and gifting is not required and a return is not mandated. I love that. Sometimes the best cure for an achey heart is to send a stranger a  little useful gift and make them smile.  Its also a great way of getting rid of supplies you never use or could stand to part with. They also have a Special Request page where you can request prayers/ good vibes or just find a friendly someone to talk to. I’ll be sending someone a set of metal DPNs I never use and another person a copy of the The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits by Interweave.


The second group is the Flat Mail Swappers. This is a group for swapping all the yummy things you can fit into a flat mail post. For the Thanksgiving season, I’ve signed up to swap sets of dishcloths. This will be a great way to cut down on my stash because I have quite a bit of linen thats begging to be something. Why not a gift?


I found some great patterns for dish/face clothes and I’ll share those once I have these goodies knitted up. This group has a lot of stuff going on. Along with a Thanksgiving dishcloth swap, there is also a Halloweens swap, Handmade Christmas Ornament swaps, Tea Swaps, and Colors of Autumn/Spring swap. Theres a little bit of everything here and if you’re into sending little gifts, or whole care packages, this might be something you want to check out!

Finally, I don’t know about the rest of you, but dear readers, I love getting letters and cards in the mail. Even if its just a post card saying hello, it’ll totally brighten my day. However, I’ll admit to not being the letter writing type, so of course I never get mail. Solution? The Just Because Greeting Card group! Here you can sign up to send however many letters you want to wherever you want each month. I chose to send 4 letters anywhere. I received my list, and am very excited that I’ll be mailing letters to Australia, Germany, Missouri, and the UK! In celebration I ordered four Knitted Swatch Blank Cards to send to my partners. The letters just came in the mail today, so I’m excited to pick which one goes to who and send them out. I’m also very excited to receive my letter(s) and hopefully gain a permanent letter penpal. Is there anything better than getting a sweet letter during the holidays? I think not!


Are any of you active letter writers? Are you joining any Holiday themed Ravelry groups this year? Let me know in the comments! Happy knitting. 🙂