Wednesday Observations: Spontaneity Days

  1. 1.
    the condition of being spontaneous; spontaneous behavior or action.
    “she occasionally tore up her usual schedule in favor of spontaneity”
    Haha, you remember in fifth grade when you started out your papers with the definition of the word or topic you were writing about; you felt so clever when you did it, right? *snicker*
    I have a question for you. When was the last time you did something genuinely spontaneous? When is the last time you left to go on a walk without a cell phone, watch, mp3 player, or even a book? You just went and sat and thought…and knit.
    I am rarely spontaneous. Even if I get excited about yarns or patterns, I usually let the idea stew for weeks in my head; I’m a yarn addict but not a compulsive yarn buyer. This lack of spontaneity flows over into the rest of my life. I rarely just do things. They must be pondered, written down on a list, organized into a schedule, pondered over some more, and then they are done. That stopped today.
    I decided that instead of spending my three hour break between my morning and afternoon class in my bed room asleep or interwebzing, I would wander around and see what was happening on campus and find a quiet spot to knit. There was a lot going on.
    Not sure what all of it was but we’re apparently having a Homecoming Celebration Chili Cook Off on the lawn of our student Union. Inside the union there is some sort of apartment fair? All of these different venders were handing out free stuff and information about off campus living options. Very crowded and loud.
    IMG_1132 IMG_1127 IMG_1123 IMG_1120
    I wandered away from the noise and over to the art building which is directly behind my dorm. I hardly ever go in there and that seems like a shame. There was an exhibit up and it was all about two dimensional art giving off the illusion of three dimensional.  I wasn’t allowed to take photos but here is a link to my school’s Fine Art Center website; you can get an idea of what the exhibits are like. Because our university is less than an hour away from Crystal Bridges, one of the most impressive American art museums, we have access to a lot of modern art. Its sort of crazy. Whats even crazier is that I am a junior and have yet to take advantage to any of these art events, or even events within my major. I don’t go to listen to speakers, I don’t go to art exhibits, I don’t even go to see free plays or get tickets for awesome shows at super discount prices. Thats crazy. That’s all going to change.
    Before I graduate I’m going to go to at least a total of 60 non-mandatory lectures/art exhibits/events. Yes, my school has that many free-cheap opportunities for students. I’m going to wish I did more when I graduate and no longer have access to all these things.
    Event #1 out of 60
    While roaming the Art Building I passed by the ticket office and heard someone get a ticket to a play thats in town. I decided to get one  as well I do not know what the play is about. Its playing tonight, the ticket was free. Instead of doing nothing I’m going to do something and go out and take in a little culture. The play is The Clean House. 
    After getting my tickets I went and sat on the Greek Theater lawn and knit and enjoyed the last bits of warmth in this Arkansas fall. Its getting chilly.
    IMG_1142 IMG_1143
    So this is me spontaneous? Nothing bad happened, I didn’t loose a significant amount of time from my day…I’ve even getting in my Wednesday blog post in before 5pm today. I think I could keep this up.
    Have you been spontaneous lately? Let me know in the comments! Happy knitting!