WIP Monday: Christmas Knits

October marks the beginning of Christmas knits for…three people. Yeah, I’m a selfish knitter. However, each of the gifts is pretty big and requires a lot of time. I certainly won’t be able to start and finish any of these gifts within a week of Christmas Day. No way, no how. So, how am I preparing for Christmas knits this year?

1. Stop working on personal knits, sort of. I won’t get anywhere this year if I continue to work on sweaters and scarves for myself. However, a little chunky weight cowl never hurt anyone or took away that much time out of a person’s day. So, my rule is I can work on accessories on the side for myself. Yay

2. Dedicate an entire week to working on one Christmas project and see where it gets you. Repeat. I’m making the Ursa for my mom and I want it done, wrapped, tagged, and out of my sight by Thanksgiving. I have absolutely no interest in toting all that yarn around when holiday travel starts. My boss says she was able to complete hers in FOUR DAYS of dedicated knitting. I’m interested to see where I’ll get with a week of knitting on it exclusively. That week will be from 10/8- 10/14. I should start by winding up the yarn…


3. But what about MY sweaters? Do I even need to explain? I have one sweater that’s a third of the way done and a pile of yarn waiting to be a sweater and another pile of yarn waiting to be bought so it can be…a sweater. I mean, come on. I get cold too. I’m staving off the urge to buy and knit for myself by reminding myself that last year here in Faytown it snowed until a week before summer break. So I think I’ll be ok to put sweaters for myself on hold for a while.

Seriously, Arkansas?
Seriously, Arkansas? I took this photo in May when I was moving out of my dorm.

4. Do not underestimate your ability to knit in public. I knit anytime I can. I blog anytime I can. I don’t have time in my day to set aside for blogging and knitting, so I make time. The art of multitasking has not been lost on this one. I’ll leave it at that.

5. Do. Not. Burn. Out. This may only apply to me, but if all I do in all my free, and not free, time is knit knit knit for other people I will burn out. Fast. But knitting something for myself and shoving the Christmas knits in the corner won’t solve that problem either. Solution? Find something else small to do throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas. For me, I’ve joined several Ravelry groups and swaps that do not require a lot of attention. Most of them are letter exchanges and knitting little somethings like wash cloths. It’ll be a nice change in pace. I’ll write more on those later though.

So there it is. The Challenge has begun…