WIP Monday- Lace Magic

I’m always amazed at the yardage that comes with lace yarns. It’s like you have half of an entire garment hidden away in one skein. My mind is especially blown by the 580 yards of this Euroflax Lace weight Linen. Look what I’ve completed with only one skein!


This little beauty is the Darling Emma by Joji Locatelli, and it has given me nothing but joy. Lace panel cardigans seem to be especially popular at my LYS, and I’m happily joining the bandwagon.

This is Cynthia's Afron Cardigan designed by Jean Clement. Cynthia has already made two and another knitting friend is making hers.

This is Cynthia’s Afron Cardigan designed by Jean Clement. Cynthia has already made two and another knitting friend is making hers.

I love the different ways that these cardigans can be knitted up. Cynthia’s cardi  is knit top down with the lace around the edges picked up and knit on after the skeleton of the garment is completed. Darling Emma is knit bottom up panel to panel. Once you reach a certain length, for me 23in, the side panels are put on hold and you continue to knit the back and armhole shaping.


With only one skein of yarn I’ve completed all 7 shaping decreases and am 7in away from putting my side panels on holders.


Fall is fast approaching here in the mountains of Arkansas and its time to put away the summer knitting and get to it on long sleeves and warm cardis. I figured that this would be a good transitional project for Arkansas’ fall because, though the mornings are chilly,  the afternoons still peek at 84-86 degrees.  This pattern calls for fingering weight yarn, however I converted it to lace weight. Just warm enough to keep me comfy in the morning, and not overheat me in the afternoons while I run around doing errands. Also, the colors scream fall. Appropriately named Embers, this color way is full of dark reds, purples, and golds that are so seasonally perfect! I’m absolutely in love with the color palette. Yum.


Hoping to finish this by next weekend, which means monogamous knitting for a while! So that I can clear my mind and start preparing for X-mas knits. The Challenge begins….


Please tell me what you think! :)

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