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I enjoy simplicity. Its soft and blurry and cozy. It makes you go “mmm” as soon as you see it and then you proceed to wiggle on in. You shrug your shoulders a few times, burrow in deeper, then settle down for hours, content in knowing you’re in such a pleasant place, on such a pleasant day, at such a pleasant time .


A cardigan, almost off the needles. I love a cozy knit and this cardigan gives all the right stuff. Long lightly shaped body, sleeves, and some brilliant placement of lace makes this the most feminine looking “boyfriend cardigan” I’ve ever seen..

Calls for size 3US needles on 40″ wire, five stitch markers, and 850-1600yds of fingering/4ply yarn, five buttons


Prism yarn was a fated match for this cardigan and my needles. I was wandering in my local yarn shop and the light shading of this color weight of Prism Petite Madison caught my eye. Against the bright and sharp colors of its sister skeins, Garnet and Twilight, Fog really does match its namesake. The soft blues, greys, purples, and darker natural shades give the palette of the yarn a very ethereal and floating character. It really does seem like a fog rolling against black asphalt on an overcast day, or a cloud



There were only four skeins and I swiped them and squirreled them away in back. Cynthia, the owner of the shop, is a yarn hoarder sympathizer and she lets regular customers hide yarn in back so we can satiate our endless hungry even while a little low on cash. I stuffed the four skeins in my brown bag and didn’t look at them again until two months later. Late Christmas knitting and school had kept me distracted. I’d just finished knitting the Billie by Kim Hargreaves -for my mother- and it took a lot out of me. I was starving for a project that I didn’t have to give away. While debating which project to start up next I suddenly realized I hadn’t made myself my favorite thing yet! Cardigan! The Shame.

This is a Knit that got a lot of love from me. I bought the project right before my Spring Break so it was receiving all of my attention between those few idle days before break. It then sat in my lap for a 20 hour car ride. From Arkansas to Wisconsin and back.


This was an incredibly simple knit with a great pattern. A top down breeze. Gretchen Ronnevik‘s lace pattern is easy to follow and expand and the body is glorious stockinette.

I made some very minor mods:

I made a size for 34″ bust and instead of knitting the underarm for 13.5in I went until it was a solid 19″.

Added several inches to the sleeves

Used a twisted rib stitch

Added button holes


As much as I love this it does need a lot of finishing work. After I finish trucking away on these endless sleeves that is. Updates and finishing details to come in next post!